Designing a Teacher Customizable Conversational Agent to Trigger Online Students’ Interaction

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In Proceedings
Conversational Agents, Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Peer Interaction, Intelligent Tutoring Systems
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Proceedings of Workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups, 11th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2012), Chania, Greece
This paper describes a work in progress to design and implement a system which utilizes a conversational agent to trigger peer interaction in an online collaborative environment. This domain-independent system allows the teacher to configure the agent which intervenes in the students’ discourse in order to induce cognitive activity and engage students in fruitful interactions. We argue that a beneficial use of a conversational agent in the context of collaborative learning is to enhance the impact of teacher’s interventions as a collaboration support strategy. In order to examine the usability and efficiency of the system we conducted two exploratory case studies. The initial results are encouraging and reveal some interesting information regarding its use in classroom set- tings.

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