Online Case-Based Learning: Design and Preliminary Evaluation of the eCASE Environment

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In Proceedings
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Advanced Learning Technologies, IEEE International Conference on
751 - 755
Case-based learning is expected to enhance students’ awareness of the various contextual factors, which affect problem solving in ill structured domains. An interesting question is always how to engage students in efficient processing of the case-based learning material. In this work, we present the design and preliminary evaluation results of the eCASE environment, a generic web-based environment for supporting case-based instruction. eCASE allows instructors to develop appropriate study paths for students to criss-cross the case-based information landscape. Furthermore, it supports students’ study by providing scripts, which scaffold them when processing the learning material. A script in eCASE models the cognitive processes related to context awareness and guides students to focus on important events, recall relative cases and reach useful conclusions. First evaluation results indicate that students acknowledge the learning efficiency of scripted material. However, design improvements are also necessary to make scripts more appealing and less monotonous for students.

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