Mobile learning: open topics; conception and design of a learning framework

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Learning_analytics, Mobile_learning, Flipped_Classroom, Case-based_learning
The use of mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets, is a growing trend in education. Widespread access to mobile devices and the opportunity to learn regardless of time and place make mobile learning an important tool for lifelong learning. Nevertheless m-learning is still in its infancy and great efforts need to be done so as to investigate the potentials of an educational paradigm shift from the traditional one-size-fits-all teaching approaches to adaptive and personalized learning that can be delivered via mobile devices. In order to achieve this, an extensive review of literature will need to be conducted to define a framework that supports both design and delivery approaches of the learning design via the model of flipped classroom, using case-based learning. Some other factors that need to be examined include the adaptation and management of the content produced and acquired, as well as the link between mobile device affordances and learning methodologies. In this work we define certain areas that can help define such a framework and propose an architecture that can help incorporate and evaluate them.

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