An Adaptive Serious Neuro-game using a Mobile version of a Bio-feedback device

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data_visualization, affective_computing, android_application, adaptive_games
This paper describes a bio-feedback device for emotion recognition, as well as the creation of an android application that communicates with the bio-feedback device wirelessly via Bluetooth and allows the users to use their smartphone or tablet to monitor their anxiety levels. Moreover, it addresses the design and development of an educational game that is adapted based on the psycho-physiological measures of the player, which are collected using the bio-feedback device and they consist of skin conductance, skin temperature, and heart rate. A REST Web API that implements many functions for storing and updating the measurements of the users in the database, as well as a website with line charts depicting the levels of anxiety of the players during game play was created. Lastly, suggestions for future development and research are discussed.

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