The AUTh Framework for Research in Educational Robotics: Collaboration Scripts, Metacognitive Skills, Tangible Interfaces and the CPPC + Model The AUTh Framework for Research in Educational Robotics

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This poster paper presents concisely the research directions of our educational robotics research group at the Informatics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). This includes (a) a model proposed for organizing educational robotics activities, called “CPPC+” after Collaboration, Problem, Play, and Competition, while "+" stands for supplementary teachers’ supportive interventions such as promoting students’ metacognitive skills; (b) research on the impact of various collaboration scripts when applied to guide students group robotics-based learning activities; (c) research on the impact of educational robotics on students’ metacognitive skills, and (d) research on the benefits from building tangible interfaces (connectable programming “blocks”) to help younger children program the robots without necessarily having to use a typical graphical user interface (GUI). In our presentation we shortly comment on the research objectives, the studies conducted so far and our first conclusions.

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