Volcanic Riddles


"Volcanic Riddles" is a configurable online two dimensional (2D) game. It was designed in cooperation with educators, in an attempt to support the teaching of Mathematics in primary school and the first grades of secondary school. Its aim is to help students practise and develop their math skills in a pleasurable environment. The particular game is configurable in the sense that the educator can easily alter several of its parameters, such as the total number and the content of its questions, via an administration web page. In addition, the educator can choose which of the game's specific challenges wants to adapt according to the students' needs and level, and thus reuse it in various educational contexts throughout the school year. Accordingly, the educator can change the game's educational content, so that it can be used in different subjects, apart from primary or secondary school Mathematics. Special attention was paid so that basic features of educational games were incorporated in the software, in order to make it a flexible and effective educational tool.

Διαχειριστική Ομάδα: Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, Apostolos Mavridis, Aikaterini Katmada
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