Bio-Feedback device for student stress awareness




It is a prototype device that classifies bio-signals which are caused by physiological reactions of the human organism. This function enables the interpretation of some basic human emotional reactions, such as anxiety. Intensive emotional states may cause physiological effects such as increased moisture of the human skin and in particular at the ends of the human body, reduced skin temperature and increased heart rate. The device has been developed by our laboratory and it has three sensors counting:

    1. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).
    2. Skin Temperature.
    3. Heart Rate using Photo-plethysmography (PPG).

 This device is used for student stress detection during synchronous educational activities in the same place or from distance. Students are watching their anxiety levels during their educational activity and they are motivated to apply biofeedback techniques in order to improve their relaxation achieving better performance. Also the teacher watching students’ anxiety is trying to regulate his/her behavior in order to achieve better relaxation and performance of his/her class.

Student stress awareness may be characterized particularly important for distance activities, where there isn’t face to face contact, as an additional communication and interaction feature. 


Administration Team:       Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos , Ippokratis Apostolidis , Panagiotis Stylianidis


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Bio-feedback Device :  


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