MentorChat is a cloud-based multimodal dialogue system that utilizes an embodied conversational agent to scaffold learners’ discussions. We have developed MentorChat as a do-main-independent dialogue system that (a) promotes constructive peer interactions using facilitative agent interventions (prompts), and (b) enables the teacher to configure the support provided by the conversational agent.

MentorChat can support discussions in English or Greek, and was implemented using modern web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX. The system infrastructure is based on a client-server model, which allocates workloads between the server and the clients. Its architecture comprises three main modules: the student, the teacher and the conversational agent module.


The conversational agent of MentorChat is based upon the following three models:

  • The peer interaction model, which records and stores the students’ interactions in a computational format.
  • The domain model, which utilizes the teacher’s domain knowledge representation in conjunction with the pattern matching algorithms to determine whether an agent intervention would be appropriate.
  • The intervention model, which examines a series of various micro-parameters (e.g. the time passed since the last agent intervention) to determine if an intervention will eventually be displayed.



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