LASSO - Leadership Assessment and Soft Skill Optimization


LASSO is a web-based simulation, storytelling and interactive game to assess and optimize your soft skills in leadership. You take the role of a chief department manager in a multinational company and experience multiple situations, encounters and opportunities in which you will have to take decisions. Through these decisions, your soft skills in leadership will be tested and a profile based on Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and their Inventory will be produced. You will be able to improve your soft skills and optimize them with the help of in-game tips provided based on your profile, by replaying the game. You are also able to track your progress and compare your scores with the averages, through interactive graphs.

The principles of gaming-based learning and the technological tools for game support and development, which are widely disseminated in support or replacement of traditional teaching methods, were used in the designing process. A significant part of the time was devoted to reviewing available technologies and specific applications that can serve the purposes of the system and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

The engine chosen to develop the game was Unity 3D. The additional Fungus visual novel and storytelling tool was used. The implementation of the scenario was heavily based on the inventory and was guided by expert guidance. A model for grading each possible option was also created trying to simulate the grading scale of the inventory. Also o database was created for the users and their scores.

It is known that education and the development of leadership skills can maximize productivity, build a positive culture, and promote harmony. Multiple companies would like to assess and train their possible employees in various skills. But apart from their importance to organizations, one might consider them particularly useful in their everyday life. The game is for anyone interested in developing and improving soft skills in leadership.

There are a lot of educational simulation games for developing both hard and soft skills, but not in a visual novel - storytelling style. Most business focused games are a simulation of managing a store or a company, focusing more on the decision making skills by removing the human interaction part. LASSO tries to simulate realistic situations and encounters in the workplace, in an everyday level.

Administration Team: Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, Chatziantoniou Nikolaos, Nikolaos Politopoulos, Stylianidis Panagiotis
Demo URL: Download LASSO for Android from here or Play it online here
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