Tennis Attack


Tennis Attack is an interactive 3D video game, that uses the natural user interface Microsoft Kinect, in order to improve response time of, including but not limited to, athletes. The game targets to improve, using entertainment as its vehicle, the response time of the user to important stimuli of everyday life.

Tennis Attack belongs to the category of serious games and in particular, to the category of ActiveVideoGames or AVG that promote exercise and healthy lifestyle converting a traditional sedentary activity into physical exercise.
Unity game engine, C# scripts and Zigfu Development Kit or ZDK were used in order to develop Tennis Attack. The game can serve as a tool for measuring and improving simple reaction time (one stimulus - one response). It's partially configurable by the players and allows them to control the number of the balls and the rate at which they will appear on screen. Scores are stored in a database through a local server and allows the users to monitor their performance and observe their progress

Administration Team: Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, Nikolaos Politopoulos
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