Graphical Interaction Analysis Tool (G.I.AN.T.)


The GIANT (Graphical Interaction ANalysis Tool) has been developed by the Multimedia Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is a fully functional technological tool for analyzing and visualizing the complex social interactions that take place in Web 2.0 collaborative learning environments, such as Blogs and Wikis.

Currently, more than 25 visualized indicators are produced, varying from simple statistical awareness information to complex metacognitive indicators. Currently, the GIANT has been developed in two different versions:

  • as a plugin for the popular WordPress blogging platform and,
  • as an extension for the popular MediaWiki wiki platform.

The core aim is to provide support directly to all the involved actors (students, teachers, moderators and researchers), in order to optimize the collaborative learning activity through: a) refined participation by the students through reflection, self-assessment and self-regulation, b) better activity design, regulation, coordination and evaluation by the teachers.

Admin Team: Nikolaos MichailidisThrasyvoulos Tsiatsos
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           GIANT WordPress plugin



                   GIANT MediaWiki extension        


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