mLab comprises of the following research teams:

(1) CLASS (Collaborative Learning Activity Support Systems)
The aim of this research group is the development of technological systems to support collaborative learning (Collaborative Learning). Specifically, its focuses on: 1) technological environment for collaborative learning and pedagogical issues about Informatics, 2) Adaptive Collaborative Learning Support Systems, 3) Educational Robotics and Tangible Programming Systems for teaching Computer Science through collaborative activities, 4) Online Argumentation Systems, 6) Pedagogical Agents, 7) Distance Learning Hybrid Models with application development and audiovisual services.
The leader of the team is Assistant Professor Stavros Dimitriadis.

(2) Music-Informatics
The group focuses on using modern digital technologies to develop multi-modal musical interfaces and enhance technology-enhanced music learning.
The leader of the team is Assistant Professor Dionysios Politis.

(3) Virtual Learning Environments

The group focuses on the design, use and evaluation of three-dimensional (3D) virtual environments which aim to provide learning through internet. Additionally, the group examines issues that relate to the use of modern internet technologies (social networking services, etc.) for distance education.
The leader of the team is Assistant Professor Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos.

(4) Mathematical Education with Informatics
The research group deals with foundamental issues of Mathematics and Informatics and supports the delivery of mathematics education to students of the Informatics Department.
The leader of the team is Professor Nikolaos Tsitsas.

(5) Cognitive Training Applications

Cognitive tasks and cognitive exercises for (a) pupils and students, (b) patients suffering from Alzheimer Disease (AD) and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) through web-based and Educational Robotics applications
The leaders of the team are Assistant Professor Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos (Web-based applications) and Assistant Professor Stavros Dimitriadis (Educational Robotics applications)

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