CSCL techniques in Collaborative Virtual Environments: The case of Second Life

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CSCL, Virtual Worlds, Nonverbal communication, Second Life
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This chapter reviews and compares the most promising collaborative virtual environment platforms, which have been used or proposed for supporting educational activities in terms of their potential to support collaborative e-learning. The most promising environment according to the results of this review is Second Life (SL). SL is further examined by validating the platform's features, philosophy and policies against some basic design principles for collaborative virtual learning environments in order to better assess its design adequacy for online learning. Furthermore, the proposed chapter will present the features that we have implemented within the Second Life platform, in order to facilitate a jigsaw/fishbowl collaborative e-learning scenario. Finally, we will present a case study concerning the evaluation of SL by undergraduate students in order to assess its potential to support these collaborative e-learning techniques.

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